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Trance Lucid was formed in 1993 by guitarist Dave Halverson. Initially, the focus was jazz-inflected instrumental music incorporating rock elements and a wide range of tonal colors.

The first Trance Lucid cd, Arise, was released in January 1996. In late 1997, Halverson and drummer Terry Lee relocated the band to Oakland, CA, and began the search for a new bass player. Bill Noertker joined the band in February 1998. The band began performing regularly around the Bay Area and began working on its second cd, Vigil, released in August 2000.

After subsequent years of live performances and working on other projects, the band refocused its energies on a new recording, released in March 2005. The Colours of Darkness is a harder-edged collection of music, culled from the darker part of the band repertoire.

A live album, Unrevisited Live, was released in December 2007 and contains eleven previously unreleased songs recorded at five different shows.

The band has orbited again to release a new studio recording in June 2013, Palace of Ether, after two years of recording and mixing. Bill Noertker opted out of the project, and keyboardist Richard Bugbee joined the fold to add his uniquely energized perspective to the music, creating some new dimensions in the band's sound. Fifteen tracks in total, the centerpiece of this project is the 32-minute title piece, the origins of which can be traced back over 15 years.


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